New Australian J-B Weld Catalogue!

Get your copy now...the catalogue contains the entire range of JB Weld products including those newly released such as ValveGrinder, FiberWeld and the range of Herculiner Ute bed liner products.

Each section is headed with a large photo of the product in use, and the sections are broken up into product groups such as exhaust repair, thread lockers or putty sticks. There is also a group of speciality products such as windscreen, radiator, leather and vinyl repair, tank repair, valve grinding paste and metal strapping products.

To assist customers there are easy to read charts explaining the many uses for the products such as for the 2-part epoxies. These charts clearly show which applications are suited to each of the tailored products. As an example, ClearWeld is suitable for repairs to garden equipment, fibreglass, rigid and semi flexible plastics, ABS, PVC and CPVC pipes, auto trim and bumpers, crafts toys, wood, concrete, ceramic, tiles glass, gap filling and vinyl siding.

Easy to read charts are also included that quickly show the product attributes, the materials to which they are best suited and a rating system that with a quick view allows you to see which product best suits a material. These are rated in terms of Good, Better, Best.

In addition to the charts, complete product descriptions are detailed including part numbers and product sizes available.

Specialty packs are also listed such as the Essential Travel Pack of products and product display units both counter and wire rack types.

More than 60 products are listed.

  • By Mandy Parry-Jones

  • On January 31, 2023