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J-B Weld Essential Travel Pack

JB Weld’s Essential Travel Pack now contains JB Weld SuperWeld along with the other four JB Weld products all stored in the one handy plastic box.There are three putty sticks: one for repairing steel (SteelStik), one for water-related repairs (WaterWeld), and one for repairing plastics (PlasticWeld). The two-part epoxy is designed to repair metals, and now JB Weld SuperWeld has been included in the pack.New to the pack is the JB Weld SuperWeld which is a super glue that can be applied directly...

August 22, 2023

New Australian J-B Weld Catalogue!

Each section is headed with a large photo of the product in use, and the sections are broken up into product groups such as exhaust repair, thread lockers or putty sticks. There is also a group of speciality products such as windscreen, radiator, leather and vinyl repair, tank repair, valve grinding paste and metal strapping products.To assist customers there are easy to read charts explaining the many uses for the products such as for the 2-part epoxies. These charts clearly show which applicat...

January 31, 2023

J-B WELD PRODUCT REVIEW with Brendan Sorensen – The Automotive Technician

Far beyond a makeshift repair, J-B Weld’s flagship two-part epoxy system is formulated to provide a strong, lasting repair. Independent YouTube videos show all kinds of amazing tests such as re-joining two pieces of metal and suspending close to 50kg from the joined piece, giving credence to the company’s claim of ‘World’s Strongest Bond’.What you may not realise is J-B Weld also offers a range of top tier, gasket-maker silicones. ...

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